Kawasaki iREX 2022 . Presents the pinnacle of its robot development in

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has plenty of experience in mass-producing industrial robots, and now we get to see some of its early advances in service robots, multi-purpose humanoids, and, for some reason, a pretty silly-looking ride-on. Robot Ibex.

While the brand is primarily known as a motorcycle company in the West, Kawasaki is a 125-year-old multidisciplinary, multinational powerhouse that will expand into aerospace, rail, shipbuilding, energy, industrial, environmental and infrastructure in 2020. Pulling in revenue of US$15 billion. section, among others.

But at iREX 2022, Tokyo’s International Robot Exhibition, the company showed its softer, stranger side. Kawasaki has had a team working on a “robust humanoid platform” since 2015, called the kaleido, a tall, wide-shouldered companion animal weighing 80 kilograms (176 lb) that would eventually be replaced by human labor. situations designed for humans.

Robust humanoid platform Kaleido can now run at 4 km/h (2.5 mph) and balance on a beam

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

The team presented the 7th generation of Kaleido at iREX with Noboru Takagi, General Manager of Kawasaki’s Robotic Division, “It is now possible to perform real work in a work site with a combination of autonomous operation and remote control,” and, “It’s practical. The application is only one step away.”

But it doesn’t look like Boston Dynamics needs to turn its shoulder too much at this point. Kaleido headed out to his performance slot with two human team members tethered to the ropes, and then stepped on the balance beam, stepping down from the other end, pausing for applause, then turning around, before walking. Proceed to bust some stalled dance moves. Back across the beam, and waving goodbye. It took eight minutes of pain. Watch some videos, if you have a lot of time on your hands. When you’re done with it, check it out.

A later performance lifted Kaleido up into the air on a tether, accompanied by a higher-energy eight-minute extended version of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. Braided this way, she demonstrated an ability to grasp metal bars, thrash them with her fist, and, very slowly, break thumbs for women.

Eyyy, how are you doing?

Kazumichi Moriyama / PC Watch

The company then introduced a smaller, 55-kilogram (120-lb) robot it is calling “Friends”. Friends is derived from Kaleido, but is designed to be safe for humans to work with and interact with. Kawasaki sees it as the kind of robot people can finally live with – especially older people, as Japan’s rapidly growing population faces increasing isolation and unmet needs for assistance with personal care. could.

Friends is Kawasaki’s latest humanoid platform, which is tiny and designed to be safe in interactions with humans

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Friends had two stage performances, one in which she did a little gentle motion-capture dance, and another in which she pushed an extremely patient, wobbly grandmother around in a wheelchair. In four minutes, she managed to move about five meters, then turned, apparently stopped to kiss Grandma on the head, and pushed her back out of the gate.

But the star of Kawasaki’s IREX repertoire was the RHP BEX, the company’s first quadruped. Eventually, Kawasaki says, the BEX will handle rough terrain, carrying loads of up to 100 kg (220 lb) on its back and performing a number of inspection tasks and carrying things in agricultural settings.

The “BEX” would eventually cover uneven ground, with a 100 kg . will lead to

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

To demonstrate his abilities, Bex made his way to the front of the demo area on foot, then sat down and spun a bit on some wheels, allowing the team member to climb onto the board and a pair of handlebars rising from his neck. Permission was granted to capture , Possibly the slowest and fastest Kawasaki Joyride comes in history.

We embed a video below from Kazumichi Moriyama, who has the patience of a saint and was covering the event for PC Watch. Clearly, these are still relatively early-stage efforts for Kawasaki in a notoriously difficult field, but submissions like these do little to solidify this storied company as a serious competitor in this space.

RHP Bex」人が乗る #2022国際ロボット展 #irex2022

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